Google launches an API to build Google Maps API (TechCrunch)

TechCrunch headline Google launches Google Maps for Android (TechRadar) article Google’s mobile mapping app has launched an API that allows developers to build apps that leverage Google’s data and help developers understand the data they’re using.

The Google Maps app will make it easier for developers to understand how Google Maps data is being used.

For example, Google Maps could be able to help developers better understand how they’re displaying information to the user.

It could also allow developers to better visualize data.

Google Maps has already been able to provide users with a rich map experience on its Google Maps, and Google is planning to add additional features to make that experience even better.

It recently added a way for users to select and filter their data.

The Google Maps team has also said it will soon be adding Google Earth features to its app, making it even easier for users in cities around the world to see their city maps.

This is a great first step toward creating better maps for Google Maps users around the globe.

It is also a step toward getting the API out there for the masses, since it will give Google Maps developers a way to quickly integrate Google Maps into their apps.

It will also help developers in developing new maps and apps to better understand their data and data sources.

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