What’s next for the tech industry in 2018?

It’s hard to know how much impact the Senate and House will have on the industry this year.

While the House passed the JOBS Act on Tuesday, the Senate voted against it in June and the Senate Commerce Committee is expected to vote on a final version later this month.

The industry has said it expects to lose a total of $300 billion, or 2% of its market value, in 2019.

But the Senate will likely have more impact on the tech market than the House, which has been in the middle of a debate over the JOBs, or the Senate’s Commerce Committee, which is expected next week to vote.

Tech companies have also been hit with a series of rules from the Department of Labor that affect what types of work are covered and how much they pay.

And many smaller firms have had to scale back their tech operations, which have been hurt by increased competition and tighter labor rules.