How to find the perfect American longrifles

The US government is buying an average of 3.4 million AK-47 rifles a month to equip troops around the world, the Pentagon said Friday.

The US Army has bought more than 300,000 AK-74 rifles and more than 800,000 M1 Garand rifles, according to the Pentagon’s website.

The military also plans to buy an additional 7,500 AR-15 rifles for troops on active duty.

The military also wants to buy up to 5,500 FN FAL rifles to help train its troops in using a weapon that fires 5.56mm rounds of ammunition.

The Pentagon also plans a $1.9 billion buy of 2,500 M-16 rifles for local police departments and sheriff’s departments, and $1 billion for 1,000 Humvees for police departments.

The government has been buying these weapons for years, but the total cost has been estimated at $2.8 billion.

The Pentagon has also purchased hundreds of thousands of M4 rifles for military training.