How to get more respect from women in sports, dads say

From Fox News: In a letter addressed to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the owners of the National Basketball Association’s All-Star Game expressed support for the Hall’s efforts to address discrimination in the sport and in the workplace.

The letter, obtained by, also urged the owners to create a “male-only” All-NBA team.

The owners wrote in the letter that, since the first All-Stars were selected in 2006, they have never had an African American player, an Asian American player or an Hispanic player in the All-America team.

A recent study conducted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that the “majority of players in the NFL are white, American-born males with no African American or Hispanic players.”

The owners’ letter also highlighted the importance of inclusion and said the players will be honored at the 2018 Hall of Famer Awards.

“I encourage all the players and coaches in our game to work to create an environment that supports women and girls of color and to take every opportunity to promote gender equality in sports,” the letter read.

“The Hall of Famers should continue to work toward achieving that goal.”

A number of women’s groups have called on the NFL to add an all-female All-League team.