Smith Wesson Forum: We’re still getting it together, Smith Wielders say

A few weeks ago, the news media was buzzing about the possibility of a major overhaul to the Smith Wessons arsenal, the brand that brought the NHL to the city of New York. 

Smiths fans were eager to get their hands on the new, much-loved guns, and they were not disappointed.

The first shots were fired, and the Smiths have since released a number of guns that have received mixed reviews.

The brand was criticized for selling a small number of Smiths, even though it is not uncommon for gunmakers to ship smaller numbers of new models.

But while Smiths may be a long way off from being able to truly break out of the niche market, they are still seeing some positive results with the guns they’re producing.

The Smiths are the only gunmaker to have produced a handgun with a built-in telescopic sight, and many gun enthusiasts are still trying to get an understanding of the Smith’s “super-wide” design.

The New York Times reports that Smiths executives are working on some new designs, and even with some of the issues they’ve had to overcome, they’re still seeing the company’s customers happy with the Smith.

The company has not responded to our request for comment on the story.

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