How to choose a good mattress?

By Praveen Sathyanarayanan | 07.12.2015, 12:35 pmIt’s not that mattress manufacturers are the ones to blame, said N.R. Jain, a consultant at the Indian mattress manufacturers’ association.

Rather, he said, it’s the consumers who are at fault. 

“The problem lies with the retailers.

They sell the mattresses to customers who are not comfortable and who want to buy a mattress that’s cheap and easy to pack, which means they are willing to pay a lot for it,” he told The Hindu.

“But if the customer is not comfortable with the mattress and doesn’t want to spend money on it, then the retailers can’t sell it.

The consumers are responsible.”

The problem is compounded by the fact that most of the mattress sales are on online platforms, and the margins are slim, making them difficult to sell. 

In other words, most of us are buying mattresses for the sake of the cash, or the convenience of the purchase, not because we actually want a good one, Jain said.

“Even if we do like the mattress, we’re not going to pay full price.” 

“We need to think about the customer.

Why would I buy a bed that I don’t like?

I’ll give it a try, but it’s not going.”

If the consumer wants the best quality and a mattress priced competitively, then that is what will make him comfortable,” he added. 

They have to lower the price and make them cheaper than a cheap mattress. “

The problem has always been that they are not able to make the matties cheaper.

They have to lower the price and make them cheaper than a cheap mattress.

That is the only way they can make them affordable,” he said. 

For the consumer, the big question is: How do you find a good mattress? 

“Most of the people who buy mattresses on online platform are buying cheap ones,” Jains added.

“They don’t need to pay extra for them.” 

If you’re interested in buying a mattress from an online retailer, there are a few things to consider, Jann said.

For starters, the prices vary widely and are often more than the mattress is worth, he added, so you may be better off going for a mattress at a cheaper price. 

Secondly, the mattress can be bought with or without a mattress pad.

For instance, if you buy a cheaper mattress, you can buy a pad at a discount and keep it for a few weeks. 

A cheaper mattress is also easier to pack for long-term use, and if you’re travelling a lot you might want a different mattress pad for each day of travel. 

The bottom line is, it all comes down to the customer, Jans said.

The big question for mattress buyers is: Will I need it? 

Jain said that if you are buying a cheap one, the best option is a one-size-fits-all one, and then a pad is usually a better choice than a pad, if it’s comfortable and does not cause discomfort. 

It’s also important to know if a mattress is too thick or too thin for your mattress pad needs, as a thin mattress can make the mattress feel too tight and can create discomfort.

“If you are going to buy one-piece mattresses, it should be a one piece and the size should be appropriate for you,” Jain added.

“The mattress should be comfortable.

It should be durable.

If the mattress doesn’t fit, the price should be reasonable.

If it’s too big, then you may want to consider buying a foam mattress pad,” he advised. 

Another important consideration is whether the mattress will be good for the environment.

“A mattress pad or a mattress should not be treated as a luxury product, because it will harm the environment and waste resources,” Jann explained. 

So, where can you find the best mattress for your needs? 

There are three types of mattresses that you can choose from online: Comfort, Durability and Reliability.

Comfort mattresses are generally better suited for people with chronic conditions like arthritis, hip pain and diabetes, while Durability mattresses tend to be more suited for older people and those with arthritis.

Durability is the easiest of the three types to find and is usually cheaper.

Reliability mattresses have a lower price tag and can be found in larger sizes.

Reliable mattresses will also help you with your weight loss efforts. 

Which type of mattress is best for you?

The best option for your individual needs is to ask a friend or relative who has experience in buying matties, Jamin said.

You can also buy online through websites like, which can help you pick the best one for you. 

 However, if there’s a particular mattress you’re looking for that’s not listed on any of the online stores