Airline says it won’t fly to Las Vegas unless ‘it’s in the best interest of the airline’

Airlines that have run into trouble over safety issues on the Las Vegas Strip are stepping up their efforts to ensure safety on their routes, following a series of mishaps that have rocked the city this year.

Airline USA, which operates a variety of airlines and operates more than 20 airlines in the U.S., announced on Thursday it would not fly from Las Vegas until it met safety requirements.

The announcement came as a series in recent days of incidents on the city’s Las Vegas strip highlighted the need for a tighter oversight of air travel in the country.

Airlines and other commercial companies have complained for years about unsafe conditions on the Strip and elsewhere, and the city and the airport have both been under intense scrutiny in recent months after a series by local television stations that included interviews with passengers.

On Wednesday, the U and Australian governments said they would be setting up a task force to ensure safe air travel.

Air France, the country’s second-largest carrier, also announced it would suspend flights from the Strip until the end of July, though the company’s CEO said the move was unrelated to the recent spate of mishap.

Air Line France said Thursday it had been working with its safety regulators and with local authorities to address the safety issues.

“We will work closely with our regulators and local authorities, as well as with airlines, to ensure that air safety is assured,” said Pierre de Villepin, president and CEO of Air Line France.