A statue of a Confederate general in Florida will be moved from a public park to a museum

The statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee will be removed from a park in Fort Myers, Florida, and will be placed in a museum, according to news reports.

The statue was placed on display at the Fort Myers Park and Recreation Center in July but it was removed after criticism from local activists who said the monument glorified slavery.

The statues, which were erected in 1859, have long been considered symbols of the Confederacy, which fought a war against the United States.

Lee, a veteran of the Civil War, was a former slaveholder.

The museum’s director said the decision was based on a review of historical records and the statue’s historical significance.

A spokesperson for the museum said that “the public must have a voice” in deciding how to display the statue, which sits on a grassy knoll and overlooks a parking lot.

The city council on Friday voted to put the statue in storage until the museum decides if it should be relocated.