Hunter’s mother ‘lives with fear’ after ‘unnecessary’ surgery to remove ‘badge’ from neck

Hunter’s mum said she was “furious” after her son’s body was sent to surgery without permission.

Key points:Hunter, 17, died after surgery in November to remove a ‘badging’ from his neckA nurse said the badge was part of his bodyA nurse and his parents were outraged after the surgeryThe operation to remove the badge, believed to be a sign of the man who killed him, took place in November Hunter was killed by his father, Anthony Hunt, in December 2016.

The family had complained that Hunter’s neck was too long and that the badge looked like it belonged to his mother.

Mr Hunt said the operation to widen Hunter’s throat had been done to relieve the pressure from the surgery.

“The operation was performed under general anaesthetic and was carried out under the supervision of a senior medical officer,” a statement from the NSW Health Department said.

“Hunter’s family was informed of the operation on the morning of December 4 and was notified of the outcome in the afternoon of December 5.”

He was immediately put into a medically induced coma and taken to Royal Hobart Hospital where he died on December 7.”‘

He wasn’t the type to die in agony’Mr Hunt, who has been an emergency doctor for 13 years, said the parents were furious and his mother had to take a day off work.”

She is very angry that her son is gone without her knowing what has happened and it is very difficult for her to take that responsibility,” he said.’

A good-natured, polite and lovely person’Hunter was a “very good-looking young boy” with “bright and innocent eyes” who loved “fishing”, the NSW Department of Health said.

Mr Hunter’s father, who was not involved in the family’s case, said he would “never” have done it.”

It was a very, very tragic situation,” Mr Hunt said.

Police have appealed for witnesses to the incident to come forward.

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