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Categories of Movies

charli chaplin

Some likes chinese fighing movies. Some people likes charlie chaplin movies. Some other likes only horror cinemas.In this manner every one have their own interests.O.K. How many types are there in movies..

1) Action/ Adventure movies: War movies, historical movies, broad drama , martial arts pictures .. are in this category.

2) Adult: In other way Sex movies.

3) Children : Specially made for childreen. Adults also enjoy these movies.

4) Comedy : Comedy, setire, parody movies.

5) Drama : Love stories , human emotinal movies , dramatical movies . This movies may be belongs to Action/ Adventure category.

6) horror : Movies with terrific ghosts, supernatural powers, magical spells ...etc.

7) musicals : musical,dance oriented movies.

8) Scince fiction/Fantasy : Dreamworlds , futuristic movies, scince miraculous cinamas,...

9) Thrillers : Mafia, crime world, police, violence, suspence, spy movies.

10) Western : like cowboy movies ...