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sleeping panda

Our mental and phisycal healths are depends upon the sleep.
A common man needs approximately eight hours sleep. Less or more causes health problems.
If the sleep is not sufficient, our body tells that thing in the forms of drowsiness, frequent yawning.
Can you sleep within five or ten minutes after reaching the bed. If you can , it is good. You have a heathy life style.
Maintaining a regular bed time is very good habit.
Important thing is not the ime, deepness of the sleep.
Before one hour of the bed time ,we must free our mind without any active work. Sex is the best work before the sleep.
Daily meditation and daily exersice are very helpful to good sleep.
Alcohol,coffee,cigarettes are dangerous . Not only for the sleep, also for our entire body. Avoid them. Drink milk.
Clean, calm, comfortable and dark bedroom is a good sleeping environment.