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life is good-1

a web serial novel with romancing story line


That is a beautiful seashore. Beside that shore , a small Villaige is there. It's name is Gangaram.The whole Villiage depends upon the Fishes in the Sea.
That's an evening. Sunsetting Time. Then the Sky is amazing. In that Time , the whole beauty of the World is only in the Sky. Birds are flying to their nests.
That time a Bus entered into the Villiage.Total Passengers are stepped down. In between them, a stranger is there. He is very peculiar.Strangers are very common to the Natives. Many Tourists are come to the Villiage to see the shore's Beauty. Because that is very Beautiful beach.
Stranger looked four sides. One small Board attracted him. That is a small Hut Hotel. He moved towards that.
A Lady is in that Hut. 'Come on, Sir' she welcomed.
He entered into the Hut.
'I want to stay here' he said.
'With plaesure, how many days.' she asked.
'May be Three days' he ansered.
'Good. Give some advanse' she asked.
He gived some amount and observed her. She is black in color. But beautiful.. Especially her Breasts. They are looking like big balls. ..With full of sexappeal.
He asked her name.
'My name is Ganga.What about you?' She asked with smile.
'My name is yogi. I am an orphan. Nothing of my own in this big World. Just working and enjoyong. Thats all ' he tells with a small smile.
She looked the man deeply.
He is a tall man, full of manly attraction. Looks very strong. His features are very peculiar. A diferent attraction is in his face.
'What a manlyness!' she feels in her heart.
(- to be continued)