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monkies are not our guides

there are many waves. but rock is standing like a rock

sea rock

For success, there is a simple rule.
Don't jump like Monkey. Ofcourse we came from Monkies, but they are not always our guides.
running water can not make a pond.
Some persons are here. They are tallented. But they never succeed. What is the reason..?
Simple..they never work on one topic.
Their mind is instable.
They changes their decisions every time.
So, their eim is not strong.
If your eim is instable, you never work hardly.
You have only one eim , your decsion is strong , you can work hard. You never disappointed. Finally you acheive your goal.
So , think braod. Take one decission. Stick on that.Never deviate. Work on one topic.
.. You are the Winner.