Which Overwatch hero will be the most popular Overwatch hero?

With the new Overwatch season fast approaching, we’re looking at the top 5 most popular hero options for each team.

For the uninitiated, here’s what you need to know.1.


Va: She’s the most recognizable Overwatch hero, but she’s also the most controversial.

In her absence, Widowmaker is the go-to hero for the most fans.

The popular opinion is that D.va’s Widowmaker isn’t a sniper, but instead a fighter who’s best when she can unleash a flurry of rockets that hit multiple enemies.

Her sniper-like powers are great, but her overall power is a bit lackluster at best.2.

Genji: Genji is the new king of the battlefield.

His powers make him an interesting addition to the game.

While his kit doesn’t necessarily have a ton of offensive options, his ability to heal teammates and heal teammates’ allies with his ultimate ability are incredibly useful for the meta.

However, his kit is a little underwhelming.

The healing and healing ability are great at first, but he’s also a slow healer who relies on his ultimate to heal.

This is a problem for a hero who has a strong heal-over-time ability.

His kit needs a lot of work.3.

Zarya: This is one of the most powerful Overwatch heroes.

She can be played as a tanky, strong support, or a defensive healer.

While her kit is incredibly strong, she’s best at being a tank who can soak damage.

Her kit is also extremely underwhelming, as she’s not particularly well-rounded.

She’s best suited for teamfighting, but a team with good offensive abilities can use her to soak damage while she heals.4.

Tracer: Tracer’s versatility makes her one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes.

The sniper, she can easily get to cover and shoot down enemies, while she can also use her speed to dodge enemy fire.

This ability is great for a tank, but is a waste of a hero’s speed.

Tracers best attribute is her healing, which is a great way to boost her team’s survivability when she’s in danger.

She has the most versatility, but it’s hard to recommend her.5.

Bastion: Bastion is the best Overwatch hero.

He’s a mobile sniper that can jump around a lot, and he has a powerful ultimate ability that lets him shoot enemies to deal massive damage.

His ult is extremely powerful, but his kit isn’t nearly as great as Tracer.

He doesn’t have a great healer, and his healing isn’t great, so it’s tough to recommend him as a healer.

He has an incredible ultimate ability, but the fact that he can only use it once a game means that he’ll only be useful if he can be picked up on a short-term basis.

He can also be played more defensively, which could be a boon for his team if they can pick him up as a secondary healer.