When you’re just going to use one app for everything, why bother with another?

As the number of Android phones has grown, so has the number available apps.

That’s helped to drive up the market share of popular services like Soompi, which has more than 500 million monthly active users, and Allis Chalmers, which boasts more than 20 million monthly users.

While the number-crunching power of Android has come a long way since it was launched nearly 20 years ago, it’s still difficult to say exactly how many apps users actually use.

But a new survey from the comScore research firm indicates that Android is actually on pace to overtake iOS as the world’s largest mobile operating system.

The study, which surveyed nearly 1,000 smartphone users across the globe, found that Android had surpassed iOS as one of the top 10 mobile platforms by number of active users.

By contrast, iOS had about 2 million active users in 2016, compared to 1.3 million Android users.

That may seem like a big difference, but it’s actually not.

“The biggest difference is that Android users have more apps,” said Eric Johnson, senior analyst at comScore.

“That’s the biggest advantage, especially in terms of overall market share.”

Johnson noted that Android has also benefited from the fact that there are more apps available than iOS.

For example, there are nearly 2 billion different Android apps compared to just 1.4 billion for iOS.

This trend could continue, Johnson said, noting that the rise of cloud computing and other online services could help drive app growth.

“There’s a lot of demand for these kinds of services,” he said.

“And apps can be delivered to those devices.

So I think that’s a big advantage.”

Apple, of course, has also made an effort to cater to Android users, with Apple Pay, Apple Pay for Business, and its popular iMessage app, for example, becoming increasingly popular.

But the company is not alone in trying to help Android users find apps they can use.

Google Play has become the primary app store for Android devices, and there are now hundreds of thousands of Android apps available on Google Play, which are all paid.

Google has also launched the Android app store, which offers a broad array of paid and free apps.

So far, there have been some significant successes.

Apple has been able to turn a large portion of the iPhone’s smartphone market into a smartphone for Android users in just a few years, said Johnson.

And a recent report by comScore found that more than a quarter of Android smartphones in the United States now have apps available in the Google Play app store.

But it’s not as simple as just tapping an app to go to a particular site.

There are a number of steps that have to be taken to make sure your Android device can connect to a network, for instance.

There have been a few other reports over the years that suggested Android users may be missing out on apps they might otherwise find, but comScore noted that that trend is likely to continue.

For instance, comScore has found that a recent survey found that only 30 percent of Android users were able to access a number-conscious social networking site like Facebook.

That number is also less than half the number found on Apple’s App Store, which is more than twice as many.

“It’s not just Google Play,” Johnson said.

“[There’s] a lot more apps that are available there.”

And of course the biggest benefit is that people who want to use Google apps can access them in the cloud, rather than on a phone.

“Google is really the biggest and best example of this,” Johnson added.

“They have a lot to offer users in terms the amount of apps they offer.”

For more from Johnson, check out the full report here.

How to fix a broken microphone

The UK is on the verge of a “massive” recall of nearly 400,000 iPhones, according to the BBC.

Apple has already warned of the dangers of faulty microphones, but the BBC has learned that nearly 400k of the devices have already been recalled.

“These are not just iPhone 4s and 5s, these are also the latest iPhones, and they are still on the market, and we are looking at about 400,0000 units, or about two-thirds of the product base, and potentially hundreds of thousands more,” Apple spokesperson Nick Wood told the BBC in a statement.

“We are working hard to find and fix the problem.

Apple has said that more than 100 million of the phones will be returned to stores and affected customers will be notified by email. “

The vast majority of the affected devices are in use around the UK, but there are a few cases in the US and Europe as well.”

Apple has said that more than 100 million of the phones will be returned to stores and affected customers will be notified by email.

The BBC understands that about half of those affected are in the UK.

It comes as the British Medical Association (BMA) called on Apple to recall the phones to prevent people from falling ill.

Apple, meanwhile, said it was working with its supplier, Micromax, to make sure the recalled phones can be repaired.

In an interview with The Independent on Thursday, Apple said that it was aware of the problems with faulty microphones and said that the company had taken steps to ensure that all affected units could be returned.

“We are aware of these issues and we’ve been working with Micromix to make the products available to consumers,” Apple said.

“If they are not returned, they will be repaired and returned to their original retail packaging and we will refund customers if they so wish.”

It added that it would “continue to investigate” the issue.

The BMA said it would be calling on the government to act immediately to help those affected by the recall, and urged people to “take immediate action to stop the phones from falling into the hands of others”.

In the US, Microwave manufacturers have been advised that a “critical” number of the iPhone 4 and 5 models have been recalled after reports of a defective microphone.

Microwave manufactures have also been warned that they could face legal action if they sell affected products.

Microwaves, which are used in the heating of electronics, are also known as portable speakers.

Apple is now taking similar steps in the EU, where a similar recall was reported in July and Apple is offering refunds to anyone who bought a faulty microphone.

The company has already issued refunds to affected customers.

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Why I Am Not Sure How I Got the Sex with My Husband

I had an awesome time getting fucked by my husband and I am not sure I am as hot as he thinks.

My husband and his friends started getting into the game after a night of drinking.

When they started kissing, I was really excited.

I knew it was a good thing.

I was just looking forward to the day that we would get to fuck.

I told my friends I was ready to be a mother and was excited to see my daughter.

But as soon as my husband started to kiss me, my body began to shake.

I felt like my stomach was going to explode.

I remember grabbing my husband’s dick, and he pushed me off him.

I had never felt so ashamed.

He pushed me out the door, and I went to my room to cry.

As I lay on the bed, my mind was racing.

It was just after 1 a.m. when I was going into the bathroom to change into my pajamas.

I was in a really bad state.

I couldn’t even get to the bathroom without feeling sick.

I started crying.

My heart started pounding.

He told me that he wanted to have sex.

This happened at night.

I can’t even describe the sensation of being touched in the bed with my husband, with my heart pounding and my throat dry.

I could feel the sweat running down my neck and the sensation that he was making me feel so bad.

I thought I was getting raped.

I don’t know if I even knew what rape was, but I did know I was not allowed to have a relationship with my boyfriend.

One of my friends asked me what I thought.

I said I was nervous.

I didn’t want to say anything, but it was very uncomfortable for me.

I got really angry and told him that I didn