Which are the best and worst city apartment rentals in the US?

New York City is the epicenter of all things luxury.

It has the biggest shopping district, the highest density of restaurants, the largest shopping mall and the largest concentration of museums and art galleries.

But it also has the highest number of apartments for rent in the country, and many people have trouble finding their dream city.

Here are the 10 best and 10 worst cities to rent an apartment in the U.S.

A little over a decade ago, Airbnb was just a few years old.

Since then, the platform has grown into a major player in the rental market, with nearly 20 million listings.

It’s one of the most valuable businesses in the United States.

Now, with Airbnb’s new platform, it’s the only company with the ability to quickly and easily connect renters and landlords, which means many people are able to rent their own apartment.

Here’s our ranking of the best, worst and most affordable city apartments in the nation.


Brooklyn, NY: $1,000/month or $1.50/nightA New York city apartment may not have the grandeur of a city hotel, but the living spaces are luxurious and the amenities are always top notch.

The neighborhood, which has seen a spike in crime, is located in Brooklyn, and it’s considered one of New York’s safest neighborhoods.

Here, you can find an apartment that starts at just $1 per month or $2 per night.


Chicago, IL: $5,000-$7,000 a month or moreA $5k-7k a month rent is pretty unheard of in Chicago, but it’s also a bit of a rarity for many.

You’ll find many apartment buildings that are in great shape and spacious.

If you want to find the perfect apartment in Chicago for $7k or more, consider renting from Airbnb.

Here you can check out some of the places to rent in Chicago.


Austin, TX: $6,000 or more a monthOr $10,000 per year or moreFor a bit more, you might consider renting an apartment from Airbnb in Austin, Texas.

Austin is a big city, with a population of more than 2 million.

You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in a large apartment building, or a two-bedroom condo.


Washington, DC: $9,000 to $11,000A one-bed, two-bathroom apartment might sound pricey, but in fact, it can be a great deal for people who don’t have the money for a city apartment.

It costs $10k to $12k a year, depending on location, but most apartments are very affordable.

The average price of a one bedroom is $1m, which is $200,000.

If that’s not enough to convince you, consider moving to the District of Columbia, which had one of America’s highest median household incomes of $80,000 in 2016.


Denver, CO: $11k to 13k a weekOr $17k to 25k a dayA Denver apartment might be more expensive than other parts of the country due to the city’s relatively high costs of living.

The cost of living varies depending on the type of apartment and the area.

In the metro area, it costs $12,000-13,000 for a one bed apartment and $19,000 an apartment for two.

But in the surrounding suburbs, such as the Rocky Mountains and mountains of the South, it could be much cheaper, as you’d only need to pay $15,000 and $18,000, respectively.

If your apartment is in Denver, rent it from a rental agency or through Airbnb.


Atlanta, GA: $16,000+ per yearOr $18k+ per monthOr moreThe price of an apartment is a great indicator of how much you need to invest in it.

If it’s $20,000 at one end of the spectrum and $25,000 on the other, you’ll want to look at a more expensive location in the city.

Rent an apartment to live in from an apartment broker in Atlanta.


Austin (Texas): $20k-$26k a semester or moreOr $29k+ a yearOr moreIf you want a place to live that has a lot of amenities and a lot going for it, Austin is your best bet.

It is a city of over 1.5 million people that’s home to a population over 8 million.

A single room in a five-bedroom home in Austin is $2,000 monthly, which makes it the most affordable place to rent a home in the entire country.


Chicago: $27,000 + per monthA $27k-29k per month rent for an apartment may seem like a lot for someone who just wants to rent one, but a few of the perks of renting from an Airbnb are worth the price.

For example, if you can make it to Chicago in the morning and