How to read a Russian flag

The military community has come up with an answer to the question of what the U.S. flag means in Russia: Its blue, its red, its green.

But that’s not all.

Here are five more examples of what you might find on a military flag, if you know what to look for.1.

The Navy’s Blue Star flag2.

The Marine Corps’s Purple Star3.

The Air Force’s Blue and Gold4.

The Army’s Blue Flag5.

The U.K.’s Blue Cross5.

U.N. flags1.

Navy’s blue2.

Marine Corps’ Purple3.

Air Force’ Blue and gold4.

Army’s PurpleFlag of the Month: The U, as in U.A.E. The flag of the United Nations is blue, white and red.

It was adopted in 1956, as the first color for all flags.

The first red flag was introduced in 1969, and it was adopted by the United States in 1991.

The red is traditionally used for flags representing countries or regions of the world.

The green and blue colors are considered neutral colors.

The blue flag of UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) was adopted at the UN General Assembly in 1945, as a symbol of solidarity between the U, and the UNR.

In its original form, the UN had no color code.

In 1976, the colors were changed to blue and gold, which are considered colors of peace and hope.

The color blue is the most widely used color in the United Nation’s colors.

The United Nations flag is made of five shades of blue: white, light blue, dark blue, orange and red, or light blue with red.

The colors of the U and UNR are complementary and represent two nations, the blue nation and the red nation.2.

Marines’ Purple and Green Flag3.

Marines and Navy flagsThe Marines and navy have a purple and green flag, the Purple and Gold.

The navy was created in 1949.

The Purple and gold colors represent the United Kingdom, while the blue represents the United Arab Emirates.

The color of the purple flag has a symbol that looks like a heart.

The Navy’s purple and gold is the navy’s primary color.

It is the color of power, which symbolizes that the United Navy is a powerful military force, with a wide range of capabilities.

The blue and green are considered to be complementary colors, and represent a peaceful and hopeful vision for peace and prosperity.3.

Marine corps flag4.

Marine infantry flag5.

Marine special operations flagThe Marine Corps has three colors of flag: a blue, green and red flag, which represents the Marine Corps, a yellow, white, and black flag, representing the Marine Expeditionary Force, and a red and white flag, symbolizing a marine unit.

The military’s green and white colors are a light blue and a dark blue.

The two colors of yellow represent peace and unity, while a dark red represents the red planet Mars.

The Marines also have a green and brown color for their uniforms, which represent the Marines and sailors who serve in the Navy.

The Marine infantry uniform has a white stripe running from the bottom of the uniform to the bottom hem of the jacket.

The stripes of the Marines green and navy blue uniform are a deep blue and black.

The Marines special operations color scheme consists of a light green and a deep dark brown.

The three colors are associated with the military, the Marine, the sailor, and Special Operations.4.

UAVs flag5, U. S. Navy, blue and red flagsThe U.s.

Navy has a blue and yellow flag, with an oval red field on the center of it.

The four red colors represent four elements of the Navy, which also includes the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford and submarines USS Ponce and USS Ticonderoga.

The Naval Aviation colors, however, are purple and orange.

The US Navy has more than 1,000 aircraft carriers and submarines, but only three of them are currently in service.

The orange color of blue and orange represent strength and confidence.

The U, U-1, U2 and U3 flags represent the four elements in the U-2, the two aircraft carriers, and submarines.

The white stripes on the U flag represent the White House, while blue and purple represent the U2.

U-3 also has three white stripes.

The four U, one-two-three and four-two symbols are also found on the Navy’s U-4, the submarine.

The red U, yellow U, blue U and white U flags represent three elements in U-5, the aircraft carriers USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS Carl Vinson and USS Nimitz.

The black U, orange U and red U flags symbolize the U6, the USS Kitty Hawk.5.

US flag with four white stripes6.

UMC flag with blue, yellow and green stripesU