How to add a ‘no-kill’ tag to your photo and videos on Instagram

Facebook has added a new feature to its Instagram app that lets users remove photos and videos that violate its Terms of Service.

The new feature, which will automatically flag photos and content that violate Facebook’s Terms of Use, has been rolling out since May.

The new flag feature has been a feature in the App Store since last year.

The feature, called the No Kill Flag, lets users mark photos that are “non-offensive,” and remove them from their feed.

The feature has already been rolled out to several million users in some countries, including the U.K.

Facebook is also rolling out a new “tweeting protection” feature, the Facebook Live app, to prevent people from sharing personal information that could be used for nefarious purposes.

The “trending topics” feature lets users see the trending topics in their feeds, including things like weather and politics, in real-time.

The newsfeed will display the trending topic in a pop-up window so users can see what other people are talking about.

The app also lets users flag videos that contain sexually explicit content.

Users can also edit videos by clicking the “edit” button.

Facebook has not announced when the new feature will roll out to all users, or how it will be enforced.

How did the NFL earn $7.5B in net revenue?

On Monday, the league revealed it earned $7,527,822, a net revenue of $7 billion. 

The league, led by owner Donald Sterling, said it has now posted $9,934,054 in profit. 

Sterling was arrested last week on charges of domestic violence and assault on a woman. 

ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted that the NFL’s net income for the season was $9.2 billion, which he said is “nearly identical to last year.” 

NFL net income per year, per source ESPN reported that the league generated $8.8 billion in revenues and $9 billion in profits in the 2016-17 season. 

In the NFL, the total value of the television rights for each team was valued at $14.4 billion.

What are the most dangerous steel guitar strings?

What are some of the most commonly used steel guitar string options? 

I’ve included my picks for the top 10 most dangerous strings in the steel guitar industry, along with the information needed to identify them.

The most commonly-used steel guitarstrings are made by the American Steel Guitar Co., a major manufacturer of guitars.

American Steel Guitar strings are known for their ability to withstand the forces of extreme temperatures and pressure.

They are also known for the durability and durability of the strings.

A few other steel guitarstring manufacturers also make strings, but American Steel is considered to be the “big dog.”

American steel guitar and string manufacturers produce many different types of strings.

The American Steel string can be used for many different guitars.

The following are the top ten most commonly sold steel guitar guitar strings.1.

American Steel guitar strings can be found at the following retailers: Guitar Center:

American Steel strings can also be found online at the Guitar Center website: http://www,


The most common size of American steel guitar neck string is 1/2 inch.

This is the largest steel string available.

It is used on the American steel strings, as well as on other instruments.


The length of the neck string can vary widely, depending on the instrument.


The width of the steel string can also vary widely.


There are some different brands of American string, and these different steel string brands may not be compatible with each other. 

This is where the manufacturer may have made the string to make the guitar easier to handle.


The steel string should be able to withstand high temperatures and pressures. 

Some American steel string manufacturers make strings that have a very hard plastic coating.

These are usually known as “plastic-coated steel strings.”

These plastic-coat strings are often used on modern electric guitars and electric basses.


A “bamboo” string is another common American steelstring.

This type of string is usually made of an alloy of bamboo and plastic, and is often used for electric guitars.


Another popular type of steel guitar fretboard string is the “cambered” string.

The cambered string is used for guitars that have no backrest.

The bamboo is typically used for the strings on electric guitars, basses, and guitars that are designed to be played with the foot on the bottom of the headstock. 


The type of wood used for a steel guitar can be very important to the durability of a steel string.


A standard-size steel guitar is a standard-length string, which is used in many standard guitar and bass models.

Some guitar manufacturers make a variety of standard-sized steel guitar guitars. 


There is also a “diamond” type steel guitar, which can be up to 1/8 inch in diameter.

This steel string is often sold as a custom-made string. 

Why Hillary Clinton is ‘the most dangerous president ever’

On Thursday, New York magazine published an article titled “Why Hillary Clinton Is the Most Dangerous President Ever.”

In the article, author Michael Grunwald outlines the reasons Clinton is the most dangerous of the four candidates.

Grunstein points to the Clinton Foundation, which is rife with conflicts of interest and has donated to the family of a leading Republican donor.

He also cites Clinton’s ties to the media, which has been critical of her candidacy.

Grungwald writes: In a country where almost all news media is owned by the same oligarchy, where all of its content is manufactured to promote the political interests of the powerful few, where there are no real checks on its power, and where even the media itself is controlled by a handful of people, the media’s role as a vehicle for the advancement of political power has been greatly diminished.

There is no longer a serious debate about the role of the media in American politics.

Instead, a handful, most of them corporate-owned, are deciding who can run the country.

The Washington Post recently described the Clinton family as the “media empire” and compared it to the Rothschilds, who controlled the British monarchy before World War II.

It is true that the Clintons have benefited enormously from the media.

They have amassed a fortune of over $100 billion.

But the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton foundation, and other Clinton-related businesses have not benefited at all from the donations made to them by wealthy Americans.

This has been documented by The Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Politico, and Bloomberg News.

The Clintons also have received millions of dollars from the American media, many of which have used their money to attack Trump and his supporters.

There are countless examples of media bias and cronyism in American journalism.

But it is not the only aspect of American media that is a problem.

Grunsberg points out that the media has a “massive bias against Trump.”

The New York Times recently declared that “he [Trump] has been a major contributor to the paper’s coverage of him.”

A number of news outlets have described Trump as a “serial liar” and “unfit for the presidency.”

As a result, “a large percentage of the U.S. news media has been largely unwilling to report his claims and defend his agenda.”

And the New York Post recently stated that “the Trump phenomenon is the greatest threat to the American political system.”

The Washington Times reported on Trump’s rise in the polls and his “inaccurate, unsubstantiated, and even dangerous claims, including that he could be ‘the first black president.'”

The Washington Examiner has also highlighted Trump’s record of racism, saying that the real estate mogul has “been labeled by some critics as racist and xenophobic.”

The Intercept, a news outlet that specializes in free speech, recently declared Trump “the worst president in American history.”

The American media is no stranger to bias.

In 2015, The New Yorker published a piece titled “Donald Trump: A Man of Lies.”

It detailed Trump’s claims of having seen a UFO during a visit to a casino in Atlantic City.

The piece also reported that Trump was the “chief architect” of the birther movement, which was debunked by the mainstream media in 2015.

Grunerwald writes that the Trump campaign is not just a distraction.

He describes the campaign as a front for the media and corporate interests to promote their political agendas.

The American public has no right to know what the candidates plan for them to do, Grunzberg wrote.

“The public’s only real interest is to elect a president who will uphold the Constitution and protect the most fundamental rights of Americans, and that’s a job that can be done by a candidate who is neither a Democrat nor a Republican.

And that’s not Hillary Clinton, that’s Donald Trump.”

Grunenberg concludes by arguing that “it is time to stop talking about the ‘unfit’ Trump and start talking about who is ‘unfits for the job.'”