How to Get the Latest News from OGS forum

Hacker News has just posted a new feature for users who use the OGS mobile app.

Users can now subscribe to the newsfeed to get news delivered directly to their inbox, which is useful for those who want to follow a particular topic but can’t do so on the desktop.

The newsfeed is also available to subscribe to via the OGC app.

If you’re a developer, this means you can add news to your OGC News Feed, as well as view the latest OGC content from any other app.

This is handy for those of us who want the latest news from OGC without having to subscribe and wait for it to appear on the news feed.

It also means you won’t miss any OGC news when you go back to your favorite apps to read the latest posts.

OGC has also added a “Like” button in the app for iOS and Android users, where you can leave a comment or share the latest post on your favorite social network.