U.S. Soccer announces new ‘gender-neutral’ refereeing policy

The U.K. men’s and women’s national soccer teams announced Monday that they have added a gender-neutral refereeing system that will be used in all matches from this summer.

The new system will allow teams to replace men and women with men and men and female.

“We are delighted to welcome the U. S. Soccer Federation to our national team program,” U. K. men and U. U. women captain Abby Wambach said in a statement.

“The goal of the new system is to give the women the chance to play as a team, rather than having to play on the sidelines and with a ‘man’s’ or ‘woman’s’ referee.”

The women’s team also announced the team would be using a gender neutral refereeing method in the 2017 World Cup in Brazil.

U-20 MNT coach Bruce Arena said the team is taking a “fresh look at the way we officiate soccer, and we are looking to create a system that is fair and equitable to all players.”

He also said that “there are some issues around gender” with U.s.

Soccer’s current officiating system.

The announcement comes just weeks after the U-19 and U-21 national teams added a new system that would be used at all levels of the sport.

Under the new systems, a team’s official scorer will be the same gender, with the referee gender neutral.

The U-23s will also use the same system, but the U23s gender neutral scorer will not be the one that determines who scores the goal.

The changes are part of a broader effort to bring more parity to the men’s national team, as well as to address concerns about gender-based bias at the highest levels of soccer.

U S. men head coach Jurgen Klinsmann said in March that he would like to see gender-segregated matches for men and for women, but that “the issue of gender is not as important” as the issue of player safety.

The new system, which will take effect immediately, will be introduced in all future matches played in U. s. soccer by June, 2018.

The system was originally announced by Klinsman in August 2016 and is being implemented in phases to ensure players can be fully acclimated to the new officiating methods.

The changes also go into effect on June 1, 2018, for U. k-s-WNT matches.


S.-WNT Match Schedules U.k.

Soccer is implementing the U17 Men’s National Team’s gender- neutral referee system and is scheduled to play five matches with the women’s squad.

The teams will face each other three times this season.

The next two matches will be played on June 18 in Seattle, Washington, and June 20 in Orlando, Florida.

The match schedule is as follows: U. n.

S-W-NT vs. Canada, June 18, 2018 vs. Costa Rica, June 19, 2018 @ USA, June 20, 2018 U.N. U17 vs. Australia, June 22, 2018 at Mexico, June 23, 2018 T. U19 vs. Germany, June 25, 2018 Brazil, June 26, 2018 France, June 28, 2018 Canada, July 1, 2017 Germany, July 2, 2017 T.A.L. U20 vs. Nigeria, July 3, 2018 South Africa, July 4, 2018 Denmark, July 5, 2018 Argentina, July 6, 2018 Germany, August 2, 2018 England, August 3, 2017 Italy, August 4, 2017 Brazil, August 5, 2017 Uruguay, August 6, 2017 Argentina, August 7, 2018 Spain, August 8, 2017 Spain, September 4, 2016 U.A., September 5, 2016 France, September 6, 2016 Japan, September 7, 2016 Germany, September 8, 2016 Netherlands, September 9, 2016 Portugal, September 10, 2016 England, September 11, 2016 Russia, September 12, 2016 Argentina, September 13, 2016 Sweden, September 14, 2016 USA, September 15, 2016 Italy, September 16, 2016 Belgium, September 17, 2016 Switzerland, September 18, 2016 Croatia, September 19, 2016 Poland, September 20, 2016 Uruguay, September 21, 2016 Denmark, September 22, 2016 Chile, September 23, 2016 United Arab Emirates, September 24, 2016 Costa Rica (MNT) vs. France, October 1, 2016 @ USA (TNT), October 1-2, 2016 New Zealand, October 2-3, 2016 Peru (M,TNT) @ Denmark, October 3, 2016 Colombia (M vs. USA) vs, Argentina, October 4, 16-18, 2016 Venezuela (M) vs., New Zealand (T,TOT), October 4-6, 2016 Algeria (M @ USA) @ Mexico, October 6, 16 vs. Spain, October 7, 16 @ Costa Rica