‘Super PAC’ raises more than $3M on social media, fundraising site

Hacker News has published the first-ever video analysis of the Super PAC that is set to raise more than three million dollars for its primary election campaign.

The group, run by billionaire Republican donor Karl Rove, is seeking to boost its standing after losing the 2012 election and facing a potential onslaught from the President Donald Trump’s administration.

Its latest fundraising drive, titled #2PAC, is set for a Saturday night fundraising telecast on the “Real Time with Bill Maher” TV show.

It is the second such fundraising event of 2017, following a $2.4 million fundraiser in January.

The $3.5 million raised by the Super PACs campaign will go towards “targeting potential swing voters” and will be shared between the groups political action committees and its primary backers.

Rove’s super PAC has raised $2 million so far and has raised more than 4 million dollars since its creation.

In a statement, the super PAC said it will be targeting the “Trump resistance” and “people like Sarah Palin, and we are going to make sure that we win this election.

We’re going to do everything we can to make this a nail-biter.”

The super PAC also said it is working with the White House and other agencies to get the word out that “we’re here to defeat Donald Trump.”

“We’re not just going to stop here.

We’re going get to the top,” the statement continued.

“We’re just getting started.

We need your help.”